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Here on iHearBudgets, my goal is to help people see how awesome budgets really are and how they provide freedom to tell you money where to go. This site was born out of a passion of mine to help people get out of the day-to-day stress of living paycheck to paycheck and not seeing any progress in their finances. I love to talk personal finance and really anything related to money (except politics). If you stop me in the street and ask what I think about 401k’s, you better have a Snickers bar handy because it’ll be a while!

Something I’ve always wanted to do is to give personal attention to people who would like some help getting started with their personal finances. I have a heart for people who have realized that what they are doing doesn’t seem to be working and want to change their financial future for the better. I have counseled a handful of people and got them on a budget to start taking control of their money and I love knowing that those people have set a solid financial foundation to build on. Now that I have this blog, I want to extend this counseling offer to my readers.

Budget Fridays

I want to start something I call “Budget Fridays.” The goal of Budget Fridays is to help one of my readers get on a budget or improve their existing budget. Here’s how I imagine it would work:

  1. Readers go through Part 1 & Part 2 of the Budgeting Basics Series, setting goals and tracking their income and expenses.
  2. Readers send me a list with their monthly income and their average monthly total spending, broken down into categories (or not). You can add as much detail and backstory as you feel comfortable sharing.
  3. I pick a reader to help get on a budget and go through their income and expenses in detail.
  4. I put together a budget plan for the reader and post it anonymously (or not, depending on the preference of the reader) on Friday for others to see and help make suggestions on if they have any ideas. I would post the original spending plan and put it side-by-side with the new budget for comparison.
  5. The reader would get a custom budget template from me, pre-filled out with my suggested budget. This would be the same excel budget spreadsheet that I use at home.

What’s the Point?

My goal in this would not be only to show the reader how to get on a budget, but to highlight areas of savings in places that the reader does not specify as important. I want to show how you can spend more in areas that are important to you and save more at the same time! I also want to have readers help chime in using the comments section to give money saving tips on how to cut back on different categories, such as food, eating out, clothing, etc. I want this to be a group effort to help someone get on a great budget which allows them to reach goals that never seemed to come to fruition before.

I know this may start slow, but I really do have a heart for people in this area and want to help. If you would like to volunteer for this (even if you already have a budget), you can use the contact form above, or email me directly at iheartbudgets @ gmail.com.


Comments: What do you think? Do you think it is too scary to send your budget information to me? Are you just too ashamed of your spending? Or do you just not want to track your income and expenses? Let me know if there is any way I can improve this process to make it easier for readers to participate.

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  1. I completely plan on doing this. Ill be getting my first full pay check this Friday so I can send you my information. Cant wait.

  2. Great identity theft scam Jacob 😉
    I’m kidding. It’s great that you plan on helping readers like this. I’m gonna have to see how my cash flow goes now that I landed a new job. If things don’t look good, I may be contacting you for some help.

    • Hah! No information will be used or disclosed with reader consent. I hope I help a few people, because I know how much having someone peer review my budget helped and I want to pass that on. Budgets open the door to so many financial posibilities! Definitely hit me up if you’d like a second look. And congrats on the job!

  3. Pasadena says:

    I think it’s a great idea !


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