Weekly Wrap-Up, Mentions and Good Reads #17

Weekly Wrap-Up, Mentions and Good Reads #17

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What Am I doing?

This week was pretty awesome. I was able to help my awesome mother-in-law re-roof her entire house. Don’t worry, I’ve got a post coming soon to give you the breakdown and cost savings on that project. We’ve also been doing a ton at church lately, as I mix the sound and Michelle is actually going to a Women’s conference this weekend. Which means it’s just me and the little one. At home. Alone.

I mean really, how much damage could he do?

Mwuahahaha! We’re going to have a BLAST! I’m excited for some daddy time with our little man, to teach him the ropes of life and talk to him about what it means to be a man. Or…we’ll just crawl around, drool on stuff and mess up the entire house! Either way, it’s gunna be a blast, and I’m pretty excited.


No Carnivals again this week. I need to get on this!


There are other, very cool blogs who have been generous enough to mention iHeartBudgets on their sites. The list seems to be growing week by week. Anyone else who loves me as much as these people do, feel free to mention me as well to join the elite list below!

This is for the last two weeks:

Most mentions winner of the gold star goes to….

Modest Money! who mentioned me in Beginning of September 2012 Favorite Posts and Mid September 2012 Blog Update and Mid September 2012 Favorite Posts and linked to me directly and my twitter site on two other posts.

Honorary Gold Star

Jason from Work Save Live for mentioning me a BUNCH!

He mentioned me in Carnivals, Mentions, & Weekend Reading #28 & Carnivals, Mentions, & Weekend Reading #29 & Carnivals, Mentions, & Weekend Reading #30

Jason, sorry I keep missing you here. I really do appreciate you sharing my site with your readers!

More awesome mentions from around the web:

Canadian Budget Binder mentioned me in Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks September 7, 2012 and Mr. CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks Sept 14,2012 and MR. CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks Sept 21,2012

Money, Life and More mentioned me in Random Thoughts, Round Up and Carnivals #20

Finance Fox mentioned me in Finance Fox Weekend Recap – 8 Reads From This Week!

Evolving PF mentioned me in Weekly Update 32 & Future Directions for EPF

Tight Fisted Miser mentioned me in Personal Finance Links – Football Edition

LifeHappens.org mentioned me in A Successful Life Insurance Movement!

Debts n Taxes mentioned me in Linkin’ It Up: MRI Edition

Bog Of Debt mentioned me in Mid September Friday Link Lovin’

Money Smart Guides mentioned me in The Round Table – September 14, 2012

Eyes On The Dollar mentioned me in Have a Killer Fall Yard Sale

Good Financial Cents mentioned me in #LifeAWARE Recap from the Financial Blogger Conference

Street Smart Finance mentioned me in 6 Must Decisions for Your Financial Success

Wow, I’m really feelin’ the love lately. It’s pretty awesome that so many bloggers want people to read my ridiculous site. Thanks for the love, glad you enjoy reading my junk! If I missed anyone, feel free to send me some hate mail :)


What’ I’ve Been Reading:

Check out some of the coolest blogs on the interwebz! Srsly!

See Debt RunAlready Rich – What Cancer Has Taught Me – This one hits close to home for me.

Money, Life and More Is Being On Reality TV Worth the Money If You Don’t Win?I really thought so, but after reading this, maybe not…

Making Sense of Cents What Saving $23,000 for Travel Taught Me – Awesome story of frugality, passion, and travel.

Canadian Budget Binder Are you a Grocery Store Snob? – One word answer: YES!

Modest Money – 7 Considerations for Buying A Cheap CarStep one: DON’T BUY A NEW CAR!

Add Vodka – Teach People How to Treat YouGreat tips for the workplace, especially.

Club Thrifty How to Get an International Bank AccountIf you wanna be a baller, shot caller….read this post!

Work Save Live Car Rules for Kids: Limit Driving DistractionsKids aren’t distracting in the ca…..hey, I will pull this car over RIGHT NOW!

Street Smart FinanceTerm Insurance: Best Life Insurance for Smart People – I totally agree here.

Money Smart GuidesBeing Frugal and Dating – Good tips here. Don’t bust out the coupons on a first date!

Married With Debt – Threats to Debt FreedomJohn and his wife paid off $100,000 in debt. Now they have to make sure they don’t go back into debt.

The College Investor – How To NOT Get A College Scholarship – Great info here. Learn how to ask for money :)

Budget BlondeI AM CREDIT CARD DEBT FREE! – I love seeing people break free from the chains of debt! Nice work!


And that’s it. Have a great weekend everyone, and don’t forget to brush your teeth!

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  1. Thanks for highlighting my post! I don’t think I’d do it but who knows if an offer was on the table!
    Lance @ Money Life and More recently posted..Random Thoughts, Round Up and Carnivals #22My Profile

  2. Thanks for mentioning my mention.:) Hope you have another awesome week.
    Andy Hough recently posted..Getting Your Free Credit Report and Credit ScoreMy Profile

  3. I hope you and the little one didn’t wake the neighbours with all the video game hoopla last night haha.. Thanks for linking up mate, and am looking forward to your roof post. Cheers Mr.CBB
    Canadianbudgetbinder recently posted..Multi-tasking-Saving or Wasting Time and Money For EmployersMy Profile

    • Lol, it was a blast for sure! He got bored after like 2 minutes, so not too much game time.

      The roof post is going to be awesome because my mother-in-law saved a boat load of cash, plus I get to brag about doing manly things again.

  4. Thanks for the mention Jacob. I hope you’re not drooling all over the house too much this weekend. Enjoy the time with the little guy.
    Modest Money recently posted..September 22nd 2012 Favorite Blog PostsMy Profile

  5. Thanks for the link my friend! Hope you had an awesome boys night!
    Greg@ClubThrifty recently posted..5 Ways to Save Money: The Tough Love EditionMy Profile

  6. Thanks for the mention, Jacob! Your blog is doing very well. I like your excitement to spend time with your son. It’s the best thing in the world you can experience as a father.
    Shilpan recently posted..6 Must Decisions for Your Financial SuccessMy Profile

  7. Thanks for the mention this week!
    The College Investor recently posted..The Riskiest Investments You Can MakeMy Profile

  8. It’s great to get some alone time with the little guy, AND you will appreciate your wife that much more when she gets home!
    Kim@Eyesonthedollar recently posted..Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #6My Profile

  9. Thanks for the link love! By the way…I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure I mentioned you. I’d go up with the Gold star because I’ve mentioned you twice in the last two weeks. :)
    Jason @ WSL recently posted..Stop Buying the Hype: The Average Rate of Return isn’t What You Really EarnMy Profile

    • GAH! I think my pingbacks are broken coming from your site only. Sorry, I updated the post, and you get the honorary gold star! Thank you for sharing my blog with all your peeps, I really REALLY appreciate it 😀

  10. Your little stinker is cute, cute, cute. Congrats on growing your blog-Jeremy is definitely amazing for all he does to promote bloggers.
    Lauren @ LBee and the Money Tree recently posted..The Great Gift Cards DebateMy Profile

  11. Thanks for mentioning my post, Jacob! Your little man is so cute! Is he already starting to stand a little? He might be like my youngest who started walking at 10 months–watch out! She’s now 14 months and climbs onto the table top from chairs and has fallen off the back of the couch, a chair onto the hardwood, and her stroller that she climbed up into as well. She’s a crazy baby! I’m about to bubble wrap my house. That wouldn’t be weird, right? Anyway, great job with the blog growth, mentions, and traffic. You’re rockin it!
    Michelle recently posted..Homemade Halloween Costumes – My Cheap New TraditionMy Profile


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