Weekly Wrap-Up, Mentions and Good Reads #23

Weekly Wrap-Up, Mentions and Good Reads #23

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What Am I doing?

It’s been a fun week at the iHB household! I had my final continuing education before tax season, and learned all about the 1040 updates and law changes affecting individual taxpayers. Mostly, Obama is acting like Robin Hood, Congress can’t make up their mind, and we’re losing a bunch of good deductions. Kinda NOT looking forward to taxes, because as much as I try to explain that I am a client advocate, I end up getting blamed for any increase in taxes.

Our little man didn’t really do any more walking. I guess he decided that ten steps was enough, and he has places to go and things to chew on, so crawling is his current mode of transportation. I know he’s be sprinting soon, but we’ll cherish these moments before he starts running away from us in the mall at high speeds! We’ve also sold some more stuff and brought in some new furniture as part of our “Update our home for $0″ project. We’ll have some updates on this, but it’s up to Michelle to write these posts, so maybe people need to tell her you want to hear about it by harassing her on new brand new twitter account (@MrsWade2008) is her handle. LOLOL, let’s see if we can get her motivated to write this stuff down.

And finally, we’re starting up a new giveaway tomorrow, you won’t want to miss it. SRSLY!



* Pure silence… *


There are other, very cool blogs who have been generous enough to mention iHeartBudgets on their sites. Anyone else who loves me as much as these people do, feel free to mention me as well to join the elite list below!

Modest Money mentioned me in Beginning of December 2012 Exclusive Cash Giveaway and Favorite Posts & December 7th 2012 Blog Update &

Debt Roundup mentioned me in Weekly Personal Finance Blog RoundUp – 12/7/2012

Plunged in Debt mentioned me in Weekly Reads 06.12.12

Club Thrifty mentioned me in The VIP Club Roundup – 12th Edition

Eyes on the Dollar mentioned me twice in Can’t Take my eyes off these blogs #17: Game of Life Edition & once in December Goals

Finance Fox mentioned me in Finance Fox Weekend Recap – No Minimum Monday Edition!

Canadian Budget Binder mentioned me in Mr.CBB’s Blog Post Picks December 7, 2012-Almost Christmas & The Saturday Weekend Review #8 December

Frugal Rules mentioned me in Frugal Friday: Posts That Ruled This Week, Christmas is in Two Weeks Edition!

Work Save Live mentioned me in Personal Finance Week in Review #41

Evolving PF mentioned me in Weekly Update 41

Thanks for the love, glad you enjoy reading my junk! If I missed anyone, feel free to send me some hate mail :)


What’ I’ve Been Reading:

Every week, I do some reading on the web. I come across articles that are entertaining, educational, or just plain awesome. I think the readers of iHeartBudgets will enjoy these articles as well.

Modest Money5 Reasons I’m Buying Less For My Kids This Christmas

Eyes on the Dollar – Do Your Purchases Reflect Your Values?

Young Adult Money – Resale Value and other Considerations When Buying a HomeGreat tips for homebuyers.

Canadian Budget BinderCBB Net Worth Update~November 2012This dude’s loaded! But really, it shows how having a budget can really payoff in the long run.

Family Money ValuesFamily Business Successes – the Effect of Age and Ugly – Based on a study showing attractive people make more money. Must be why I’m filthy rich 😉

Frugal RulesWhy Rebalancing Your Portfolio is Like Buying a Carton of Eggs

Student Debt SurvivorHousekeeper? What Do You Think You’re Rich?

Evolving PF – Current Credit Cards Rewards Strategy

Thirty Six Months – How I Owned my Christmas Shopping This Year.Word.

Gen Y Finance – What Would You Do With $10,000?Blow it all, obviously 😉

Saving AdviceNot Every Problem Needs A Store Bought SolutionAgreed!

Work Save Live – What to Get Your Husband for Christmas – Ideas for Every Budget

Finance Fox – Two Year Blogiversary – Celebrating Success Thanks to You! – Giving away an iPad and some other cool stuff!

Club Thrifty – How Much Money Is Enough?Great question! What do YOU think?

Plunged in Debt – Money That Would Have Changed My Life. – I know all too well about this.

Debt Roundup – Students: How to Finish College with No DebtWish I read this like 7 years ago!

Man, I read A LOT! Welp, that’s all, folks. Have a wonderful Sunday! :)

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  1. Thanks for the mention! Ugh- tax season. I am ready to determine if I owe anything so that I can just get it over with!
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted..Making a House a HomeMy Profile

  2. Learning about tax laws makes me want to cut my eye out with a spoon. Seriously, that’s more updates than a surgeon would have to learn. Thanks for mentioning Mandy’s guest post. It was very good.
    Kim@Eyesonthedollar recently posted..Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #17-Game Of Life EditionMy Profile

    • There is so much changing in tax law, it really is tought ot keep up. I take about 35-40 hours of CPE a year, and I know people who take even more. You can blame it on politics :)

  3. Thanks for the mention of the giveaway! Appreciate your support!!
    Eddie recently posted..Finance Fox Weekend Recap – No Minimum Monday Edition!My Profile

  4. I just got a job with a CPA firm this week for the upcoming tax season. I’ll be attending a class on the new tax laws in a couple of weeks. The laws could still change after that class. It should be an interesting tax season.
    Andy Hough recently posted..November Income – $2871.09My Profile

  5. Thanks so much for including me!
    Catherine recently posted..Weekly Reads 06.12.12My Profile

  6. Thanks for the mention Jacob! I am not looking forward to tax season myself, interested to see what the fools in Washington decide on.
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted..Frugal Friday: Posts That Ruled This Week, Christmas is in Two Weeks Edition!My Profile

  7. Thanks for the mention!
    Gen Y Finance Journey recently posted..What Would You Do With $10,000?My Profile

  8. Thanks for both mentions. I appreciate it. I never look forward to tax season and I am sure this one is not going to be good for anyone, unless you are rich!
    Grayson @ Debt Roundup recently posted..Great New Additions to My Personal Finance Blog ListMy Profile

  9. That’s what they say cherish the moments before your child crawls,walks and talks lol.. then look out. Looking forward to what you are selling and what you are brining in… might have to start harassing yup! Cheers mate. Mr.CBB
    Canadian Budget Binder recently posted..Mr.CBB’s Chocolate Peanut Butter BallsMy Profile

  10. I love your pug picture :) One of my best friends really wants a pug but her partner isn’t so keen. I’ll have to show her that gif – it will make her day.
    Glen @ Monster Piggy Bank recently posted..Tattoos at work – Does it impact on your employment opportunities?My Profile

  11. Yeah I am finished up some of my stupid CE credits to renew my PTIN and I can’t decided if I am motivated enough to do taxes again this year. I’m not sure if I want to deal with people yelling at me like I am the one who decided they aren’t getting a credit/deduction….

  12. Thanks for the mention and I hope you had a great weekend!

  13. Thanks a ton for the mention! I really appreciate it.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted..Kill your debt faster: How to make extra money while working a full-time jobMy Profile

  14. Thanks for the mention! Taxes ugg, I don’t even want to think about them yet.
    KK @ Student Debt Survivor recently posted..Reasons You Didn’t Get Hired-Part IMy Profile


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