5 Reasons I Should Win An iPad Mini

5 Reasons I Should Win An iPad Mini



Everyone these days seems to be giving stuff away online, which I think is AWESOME. Heck I’m giving away $999.99 RIGHT NOW! But let’s be real here, sometimes you just need to do a little getting, know what I mean? Take for instance the contest for top blogger over a One Smart Dollar, where he’s giving away an iPad Mini to the top voted financial blogger of 2012. Sure, it’s such a wonderful thing that so many awesome blogs have been nominated and are all in the business of financial education and entertainment. But mostly I want to win the iPad Mini.  I mean, every time I talk to another blogger, the conversation pretty much goes like this (and I usually talk in the Ron Swanson voice):

Blogger: “Jake, how in the world are you so epic? I mean really, can I print your face to put on my face so I can win at life too?”

Me: “No, don’t print my face. But you know, awesomeness mostly comes from getting on a budget and rocking at life. You can definitely do the first.”

Blogger: “Wow, you just blew my mind. Again. So, how about that best blog contest?”

Me: “Yea, it’s pretty cool. Mostly, I just want to win an iPad Mini. Who are you voting for?”

Blogger: “I want to win the iPad Mini so bad, but I bought 6 computers and logged in through multiple IP’s on each so I could vote for you 18 times. I even bought a computer for my dog because he wanted to vote for you as well.”

Me: “Thank you. That’s very generous of you.”

Blogger: “Absolutely. I think everyone should vote for you if they believe honesty is the best policy.”

5 Reason I Should Win An iPad Mini

  1. My laptop is crap. My laptop screen is almost broken. The hinge is made of cheap plastic, and broke like two years ago. At one point, we couldn’t close the screen for like a year or something until a piece just chipped off, and we could close it again. I’d love to have an ultra-portable device to respond to comments, write blog posts, promote my other favorite blogs, and connect with facebook fans. But mostly Angry Birds.
  2. I have a Windows Phone. I don’t know what apps are. People keep talking about “Words with Friends”  or something, and I have no idea what that even looks like. Is it like texting words to people or something? My only app is internet explorer. You must understand my pain.
  3. I REALLY, REALLY WANT AN iPAD MINI! No, but seriously, it’d be pretty sweet.
  4. I write epic posts. Don’t you remember the classics? Such as:

How I Blew Through $100,000 Before I Turned 21

How To Strike It Rich: Get In A Car Accident

Budget Friday: Submission 6 – Weed Edition

And who could forget the poignant, yet subtle:

You Don’t Need a New Car

I love helping others. Obviously, the other reasons don’t actually matter. Don’t vote for me out of pity because my phone has less applications than job openings at Hostess. But if you do feel inclined to vote, I would really appreciate the vote if you really enjoy what I’ve got going on here. I started this blog out of a passion to help as many people as possible learn how to change their financial future. I created the Budget Friday series so I could directly assist others in getting on a budget, getting out of debt, and creating a financial plan that will help them take control of their money and hit some goals they never thought possible.

I have found an outlet for all the money talk I used to annoy my family and friends with, and am enjoying every minute of it. Now I get to annoy the ENTIRE INTERNET every week, which is crazy awesome. I want to thank everyone who’s left a comment, or read a post, or told me I’m wrong about stuff. I’ve enjoyed the community here, and hope to for years and years to come.

How To Vote

It’s super simple. You don’t have to sign up for anything, just click through to the webpage, find “I Heart Budgets“, check the box and hit “Vote“. And that’s it. I only need another like FEW HUNDRED VOTES to take the lead, so let’s see what we can do.


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  1. Wow, even though I am in the running, I feel like I should vote for you now. Mainly for the Weed edition post. I almost forgot that one. Classic.
    Kim@Eyesonthedollar recently posted..Free Money Finance March Madness, Please Vote!My Profile

  2. Good luck–happy being in such company on that list! I think I should vote for you as well just because of those awesome archives of yours… :)
    The Happy Homeowner recently posted..I Quit the 9-5…ForeverMy Profile

  3. Ornella @ Moneylicious says:

    I can see why you want an iPad mini. “Words With Friends” and “Scramble With Friends” are fun!

  4. Wow! That’s a lot of convincing jammed into one post!

    I’m sold. *grin*
    Alex @ Searching for Happy recently posted..Happiness Experiment 39: Eat the Rainbow Day 3My Profile


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