Weekly Wrap-Up, Mentions and Good Reads #37

Weekly Wrap-Up, Mentions and Good Reads #37

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What Am I doing?

Well, let’s first start with a wrap-up of some of the big posts that happened this week. Last week, there was quite a frenzy over what I should do with $3,000, and then we revealed a big announcement, and then I argued for the size of my GINOURMOUS Emergency Fund. Then some people put my face up live on the Huffington Post (video included in link) to relive the agony of blowing through $100,000, and finally, I released part two of the Ultimate Budget Series, this one being about tithing. Phew, what an awesome week on the bloggity blog!

On the home front, this week was the week of selling stuff. Michelle started it off by selling her pink Huffy bicycle that she rode to college for a while when we first got married. It was a single speed, classis looking bike (think Schwinn style), with fenders and a cute basket. We bought it 5 years ago for $60, put the fenders and basket on it for another $20 – $30, and ended up selling it this week for $90! So basically we borrowed it for five years :) We also sold my car for what I was hoping to get, and that cash will go into the baby savings fund (as I talked about in a previous post).

Finally, we have been wanting to get rid of our wacky boxwood bushes for a while. The previous owners put them in a weird spot, and honestly, they are just ugly and in the way. They are healthy, decent sized bushes, so Michelle decided to do some research on what we could get for them. To our surprise, she found that they go for like $40 – $60 new! So we slapped them on Craigslist for $15, and had our first sale this week. A gentleman came over and bought 10 bushes for $150!! That’s crazy money for something I was thinking about tossing in the yard waste. Good thing my wife has more brains than I do 😉

Fugly bushes = GOLDMINE!

Fugly bushes = GOLDMINE!

How was YOUR week?


There are other, very cool blogs who have been generous enough to mention iHeartBudgets on their sites.  Anyone else who loves me as much as these people do, feel free to mention me as well to join the elite list below!

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Woohoo! Thanks for sharing my junk!

What’ I’ve Been Reading:

Every week, I do some reading on the web. I come across articles that are entertaining, educational, or just plain awesome. I think the readers of iHeartBudgets will enjoy these articles as well.

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And that’s it. Have a wondering week!

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  1. Thanks for the links, I am in good company.
    krantcents recently posted..Would James Bond be eligible for life insurance?My Profile

  2. Thanks for the mentions! That is crazy about the bushes!!! We may just have to earn some cash that way too! Congrats again on baby #2, and have a great evening!
    Laurie @thefrugalfarmer recently posted..Why We Blew a Hole in Our Entertainment Budget this MonthMy Profile

    • Thanks Laurie. Yea, seriously, I’m sure there’s something in your yard that’s worth money that you hate. Just hop on craigslist and see what some of the bushes/plants are going for.

  3. We need to start listing some of the crap in our yard after seeing what you sold :) Maybe we’ll make some money getting rid of stuff we don’t like!
    Lance @ Money Life and More recently posted..How I Got a $520 Southwest Ticket for FreeMy Profile

    • That’s the best part. “One’s man’s trash…” totally applies here. You don’t want it, but someone else does, and will pay cash money for it an haul it away :)

  4. I really enjoyed your story on HuffPo! Selling stuff on CL has always been hit or miss with me. Sometimes I can’t believe the stuff I can sell, and other things, like this brand new juicer I got, aren’t budging!
    Budget and the Beach recently posted..Crowdfunding: Where Dollars & Dreams MeetMy Profile

    • Thanks Tonya! And yea, Craigslist is definitely hit or miss for us as well. One tip I would have is to not ever give anything away for free. If you don’t put a price on it, people will think it’s worthless. If you sell it for like $10 or something, it’ll sell like hotcakes!

  5. $150 is awesome! I never would have even thought of putting them online.
    Michelle recently posted..May Goals and Life UpdateMy Profile

    • Heck yea, sell everything! Craigslist has scored us so many sweet deal, and has allowed us to do some major projects for $0!

  6. That’s awesome!!! We sold all the lilies in our front garden. I can tell you we made hundreds of dollars doing it. If people can buy it cheaper they will come. I have loads more to sell this year from the back and I’ll be splitting tonnes of hostas that cost $5.99 up to $14.99 at the shops around here for a small plant. Even if I sell them for $3.00 each it’s all money in our pockets. I love reading posts like this!! Cheers
    Canadian Budget Binder recently posted..5 Ingredients: Simple Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip CookiesMy Profile

    • Nice work, Mr. CBB. Knowing how big you are into gardening, I figured you’d have done this before as well. And the key is to find them at like Home Depot, link to it, and then sell it for like half price or less!

  7. Nice. $15 is really good. It’s amazing what the internet can do ayt?
    KC @ genxfinance recently posted..Crowdfunding WebsitesMy Profile

    • The internet just existing has saved us tens of thousands of dollars, I kid you not. From “how to” videos, to Craigslist, to Amazon and eBay, we can save money left and right without even trying! It’s NUTS!

  8. Thanks for the shout out Jacob! Good work with all of the sales. That’s something I’ve never really had much luck with. Hope you guys had a great weekend.
    Matt Becker recently posted..My Life Insurance MistakeMy Profile


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