Weekly Wrap-Up, Mentions and Good Reads #44

Weekly Wrap-Up, Mentions and Good Reads #44

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What Am I doing?

I puked. Yeah, this week kinda sucked. It started on Tuesday when I was taking my kid for a walk to get the mail. We had just picked it up, and he saw a sticker on the ground. He pointed at it and said “Sti-” and then threw up. He didn’t seem too bothered by it, but upchucked a few more times…and then finished his sentence…”sticker!” Brought the kid home and put him to bed after a few more times letting loose. He slept for 10 hours and felt great the next day, so I figured it was just something he ate.

But in the middle of the night, Michelle started feeling sick. Uh oh. No sleep for her that night. I stayed home to nursed them back to health the next day. I went to work on Thursday, and things seemed great. I figured they had a bad smoothie, and it was all over with. WRONG! Starting around 11pm on Thursday night, my stomach started really hurting. I tried to sleep, but ended up getting sick in the middle of the night. I stayed home, it was definitely the flu. Ugh! So, here I sit, still drained from the flu, but on the upside of it all, I got to spend 2 extra days with my family this week Yay.

Dayquil saved the day on Saturday, as we had scheduled a fall favorite, our pumpkin patch day. We picked up a sweet coupon from Living Social for $15 which got us $20 in pumpkins, 4 corn maze tickets, and 2 “kinds play barn” tickets. It was a blast, and our little man got to play with his awesome cousins and pick out his very own pumpkin. We packed a lunch as well, so the 4-hour outing only cost the original $15, and we walked away with 3 awesome pumpkins. Good times all around, even if I did feel like a zombie.

Cute kid, huh? ;)

Cute kid, huh? ;)

How was YOUR week?


There are other, very cool blogs who have been generous enough to mention iHeartBudgets on their sites over the past few weeks.  Anyone else who loves me as much as these people do, feel free to mention me as well to join the elite list below!

One Smart Dollar, Making Sense of Cents, Consumerism Commentary (twice!), and Evolving PF

Woohoo! Thanks for sharing my junk!

What’ I’ve Been Reading:

Every week, I do some reading on the web. I come across articles that are entertaining, educational, or just plain awesome. I think the readers of iHeartBudgets will enjoy these articles as well.

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And that’s it. Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Sorry to hear that you all got sick. However, I do love that your kid still finished his sentence! Great commitment!
    moneystepper.com recently posted..Free competitions – how much can you earn?My Profile

  2. My week wasn’t anything special but I can say it was much better than your week of sickness at your house. Hopefully everyone is feeling better and no one else gets sick anymore!
    Lance @ Money Life and More recently posted..Best Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses – October 2013My Profile

  3. Sorry to hear about the sickness. There is nothing fun about that. I just hate when it happens. I appreciate your mention of my government rant.
    Grayson @ Debt Roundup recently posted..Dear Government…..GROW UP!My Profile

  4. Thanks a lot for the mention. Hopefully this is a better week for you.
    Sean @ One Smart Dollar recently posted..How to Rise to the Top of Your GameMy Profile

  5. Man, when the kid gets sick, everyone gets sick huh? Glad you guys were able to make the most of it. We’ve got to go pumpkin picking ourselves. I think Aiden will have a blast with it, and I know he’ll love playing with all the carved out pumpkin much. Should be fun.
    Matt Becker recently posted..Buying a Car: Sealing the DealMy Profile

  6. That’s a tough kid you’ve got….who’s strong enough and focused enough to complete the thought, even after the hurl. My kind of guy. That’s good practice for those late Friday nights in college when everyone wants to hit “just one more bar.”
    AverageJoe recently posted..Can Deadbeat Facebook Friends Ruin Your Credit? Stacking Benjamins Episode 24My Profile

    • Lawl! Let’s hope not! Unless you meant “just one more book”….yeah, maybe that’s it 😉

      But yeah, he’s pretty tough. Isn’t really phased by much unless there’s a lot of blood. Even then…

  7. Hope yall are feeling better!!! That pumpkin picture is tooo cute!!

    • Feeling much better now. My kid didn’t even seem phased by it, but I was out for the count. Glad that’s over with!

      Thanks for stopping by Cat! :)

  8. Oh no, the stomach flu is not fun! I hope you all are feeling better!
    Lisa E. @ Lisa Vs. The Loans recently posted..Links Lisa Likes – 10/7/13My Profile

  9. Interesting reads!
    krantcents recently posted..Factors for a Formal MeetingMy Profile

  10. Hope your family is feeling alright now.
    Appreciate the mention!
    Simon @ Modest Money recently posted..TD Ameritrade Review – Exclusive Review of TD AmeritradeMy Profile


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