How To Travel For Free: 5 Ways For Couples To Get A Free Trip To Hawaii

How To Travel For Free: 5 Ways For Couples To Get A Free Trip To Hawaii

We’re back again with some awesome free travel tips for the sophisticated! Paying for travel is so 2012! So let’s jump into another “how to travel for free” adventure!

As always, you can find the best rewards cards and more free travel posts on my Free Travel page

Couples Love Hawaii

Science has proven that if you in a relationship, you and your significant other will WANT to go to Hawaii at some point. Science has also proven that Hawaii is CRAZY EXPENSIVE to get to and from. And ever since I wrote my post about how I got free tickets to Hawaii for me and 6 family members, I’ve gotten tons of emails from people hoping to get their free dream vacation to Hawaii. I have responded to many of these emails, and have found that different circumstances call for different methods of accumulating and using credit card rewards points to make these trips happen. Many of you who have emailed are couples wanting to get away from the world for a week, which I totally understand. So I wanted to make it easy out there for ANY couple who wants a fun trip to the “Aloha State” FOR FREE.

There is not one-size-fits-all for free travel with credit card rewards, so I decided to show you 5 WAYS to fly to and from Hawaii on credit card rewards! READY??

How To Travel For Free: 5 Ways For Couples To Get A Free Trip To Hawaii

1. Barclaycard Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard

It doesn’t get much simpler than getting a pair of Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCards and using the miles for two easy tickets on Hawaiian Airlines. And when you have this credit card, you need LESS MILES to book your trip to Hawaii. So instead of 20,000 miles each way, it’s only 17,500 miles each way. And guess what… The Barclaycard gives you 35,000 bonus miles after spending only $1,000 within 90 days of opening. Which means you just need to drop $2,000 in 90 days on two of these cards to get your two free roundtrip flights to Hawaii. Oh, and they’ve got some sweet perks, including a “Complimentary Koloa Breeze Rum Punch Cocktail.” Can’t beat that!

Get your free trip to Hawaii by signing up today for the Barclaycard Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card 

Note: The Barclaycard Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card has an $89 non-waivable fee. This is well worth it when you consider the possible $500+ ticket price, but just want you to be aware of this.

2. The British Airways Avios Trick

I have discussed this trick at length in a few previous posts, and this is the method we used to get our free 7 tickets to Hawaii. It’s super simple.

First things first; Sign up for the Chase British Airways Credit Card.

When you spend $2,000 in 3 months, and get 50,000 Avios miles. Do this for each person, and you’ll have over 100,000 miles to use for your flight. They key here is to use your Avios miles on Alaska Airlines or American Airlines using their “Super Saver” rewards flights to get your tickets. From the west coast, this is only 25,000 for a round trip ticket. For other areas, check out this calculator to see how many miles it would be. Your flight on Alaska or AA MUST BE a nonstop flight at the lowest available fare of 20k miles each way (see example below). Flexibility is key in booking these. Be able to travel during the week or during off-peak seasons will help you find these tickets and be on your way to Hawaii! Alaska Air To Hawaii Note: The British Airways Credit Card has a $95 non-waivable fee. This is well worth it when you consider the possible $500+ ticket price, but just want you to be aware of this. You can check out more about this card here.

3. Chase Ultimate Rewards To KoreanAir Skypass Trick

This little-known trick is a great way to get free tickets to Hawaii using your Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

First, grab the Chase Sapphire Preferred card (or two of them)

When you spend $4,000 in 3 months for a 40,000 point bonus. You’ll need to earn 60,000 points total. Then can go to your Chase Ultimate Rewards portal and transfer 60,000 Chase UR point to 60,000 KoreanAir Skypass miles. And as you can see from this awards chart (thanks Brian!), it’s only 30,000 KoreanAir Skypass miles to book a roundtrip ticket through Hawaiian Airlines. BOOM! KoreanAir Skypass Now, 60,000 miles might seem like a lot, but if you both pick a Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card, you can get 40,000 bonus points after spending $3,000 in 3 months. So that’s $6,000 spend in 3 months to get you 80,000+ Chase Ultimate Rewards points for this transaction. That’s free tickets AND THEN SOME BABY! Note: The Chase Ultimate Rewards Credit Card has a $95 fee THAT IS WAIVED THE FIRST YEAR. WOOHOO! You can check out more about this card here.

4. Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard

This one is super simple. The Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard gives you $460+ in free travel, REGARDLESS OF WHAT AIRLINE YOU BUY FROM! So you can purchase the tickets on this card, and erase that purchase using your bonus points. EASY! This card earns your 40,000 bonus points after spending $3,000 in 3 months (2x points on all purchases). So that’s $6,000 spend in 3 months to get you 92,000+ bonus points for this transaction, which is worth $920 in free flights. Then you just need to find the cheapest flights to Hawaii you can, purchase them, and then erase them after they post to your account. Here’s an example I found when looking at Alaska Airlines from Seattle to Hawaii. Alaska Airlines Hawaii Cash As you can see, each way is just under $250, which would which would pretty much be covered by your bonus points! YEAAAAAH!! Note: The Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Credit Card has an $89 annual fee that is WAIVED FOR THE FIRST YEAR. Sweet.

5. American Airlines Credit Card

This one is also pretty simple. You just pick up two American Airlines Credit cards with the 50,000 miles bonus (found here), spend $3,000 in 3 months to get the bonus, and then book flights. So that’s $6,000 spend in 3 months to get you 100,000+ American Airlines Miles for this transaction. A quick look on shows me that a trip to Hawaii is about 35,000 miles from the west coast (17,500 each way). Two of these cards should net you more than enough miles to get yourself two tickets to Hawaii! Note: The Citi AA Platinum Credit Card has a $95 annual fee that is WAIVED FOR THE FIRST YEAR. Sweet.

Get Yourself To Hawaii, There’s No Excuse!

This is only a sample of the ways to get a free trip to Hawaii. There are tons of other credit card rewards and tricks to get you the miles needed to get out there. Now you have no excuse for not taking that couples getaway to the romantic Hawaiian islands with your sweety. SO GET TO IT! If you have any questions or have a specific circumstance that needs some consulting for free travel, don’t hesitate to reach out to me using my contact page. I love this stuff!

photo credit: gohumble via photopin cc

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  1. Hawaii is on my list but there are sooooooooooooooo many other places to go first!!!!! One of these days =)
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted..Knowing When to SplurgeMy Profile

  2. I love the Barclay card! It covered all my hotel expenses for FinCon13, plus some! 🙂

  3. Hawaii has been on our radar for awhile, but we just did Cancun in January so we got our quota of beach vacations in for the year! Hopefully these great deals will be around when we’re ready to go!
    Michelle recently posted..New Business Chronicles: May Income RecapMy Profile

    • Wait, there’s a quota?! I totally missed the memo 😉

      We’re heading to Maui in November for 10 days. Probably the longest vacation I’ve ever taken as an adult, so it should be nice. Well…it being free also helps the enjoyment factor 🙂

  4. My wife thanks you for the tips! Science is never wrong…my wife always talks about our Hawaii trip from 5 years ago. We loved it. It’s tougher going since we’re on the east coast…I kind of dread long flights nowadays. Now that we have a baby, it’s even harder, but we’ll make it back there one day!
    Andrew@LivingRichCheaply recently posted..What Are You Investing In?My Profile

    • Hah! Science wins again! And don’t fret about traveling with a baby. Tons of ways to help them sleep/enjoy the flights and vacation, IMO. We’ll be traveling with a 3-year-old and 11 month old. Not worried 🙂

  5. We’ve done the Hawaii trip once and it is expensive to get to and pay for while you are there. We did Oahu and the Big Island while we were there. It’s definitely worth the trip though, especially if you can get there cheaply.
    Brian @ Luke1428 recently posted..Simple and Fun Ways Landlords Can Treat Their Tenants WellMy Profile

    • I hear you. Hawaii is CRAZY pricey with gas/food stuff and touristy things. We’re doing free flights, free rental cars, and have a friend who lives there for things like snorkeling and surfing 🙂 The cost will mostly be food and other activities, which should be less than $1000 per family. And we can offset with statement credits from Chase (hopefully) 🙂

  6. I am interested in going to Hawaii, but it’s not at the top of my list. I just got an AA credit card, and am just about set for a flight to Europe during off season! I’m so excited! As someone in debt, I can’t really afford much travel, but travel hacking can help me with both goals. 🙂
    Melanie @ My Alternate Life recently posted..There Are More Important Things Than MoneyMy Profile

  7. I couldn’t imagine that I can travel free to Hawaii! I love looking pictures in Hawaii, especially their beaches and foods!
    Clarisse @ Make Money Your Way recently posted..How the Investment Advisor Game is PlayedMy Profile

  8. We did the Barclaycard World Arrival (x2) earlier this year and got that sweet $400+ bonus.

    I don’t need both cards and the fee kind of makes me feel icky. So I will probably cancel soon.

    Is that what you do, cancel one rewards card once you’re done with it and move on to the next? Thanks!
    Kacie recently posted..Some things we did to save on our Disney tripMy Profile

    • @jacob Do you cancel rewards cards once you’ve spent the points, or how do you do it? I don’t want to have a bunch of opened cards but I’m not sure what the strategy to do it is
      Kacie recently posted..Some things we did to save on our Disney tripMy Profile

      • I keep them open, but try to downgrade the card to a no-fee card before the annual fee kicks in. If they won’t budge, I see if they’ll give a bonus for staying on and paying the fee (and make sure it’s worth it), or I just cancel and don’t pay anything.

  9. I am currently working toward the Hawaiian airlines bonus. I hope to get it soon and then will be on my way. Now I just need to get my wife part of the game!
    Grayson @ Debt Roundup recently posted..Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of DadMy Profile

  10. I enjoyed this article! One question and one additional option:

    Q: Any clue the availability on Hawaiian Airlines using either options 1 or 3 from the East coast? In all my travel rewards research I’ve never looked into Hawaiian.

    Option 6: Chase Ultimate Rewards just added Singapore Airlines as a transfer partner and their chart is 35,000 round-trip to Hawaii. The nice thing is that this opens up the entire United Airlines network since they are Star Alliance partners.
    Brad @ recently posted..Ask the Readers: How do you Teach your Children about Money?My Profile

  11. Thanks for the tips! I’m almost done with my first three months with my Chase Sapphire, and I should be getting the bonus points any time now. I never would have thought of transferring Ultimate Rewards points to something like Korean Air though.
    Daniel recently posted..Hello World!My Profile

  12. Great tips. This post could help a lot of couples including me and my hub, who are planning to take a vacation. Thanks a lot!
    Hannah @ Wise Dollar recently posted..Four Things to Look for When Buying a HouseMy Profile

  13. I had no idea about the Barclay card Hawaiian card will definitely look into that. Love them credit card rewards!
    Syed recently posted..The 3 Letter Word You Need to Know to Get AheadMy Profile

  14. Using the Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard, can you still book flights for 17,500 miles one-way? My wife and I signed up for this card and we each have our 35,000 bonus miles and are ready to book our flights. But I don’t see how to reduce the miles needed from 20k to 17.5k on the hawaiian airlines website.


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