Blogs I Read

If you asked me a year ago about blogging, I would tell you that it’s not for me. I tried starting a personal blog at one point, made every post private so only my wife and I could read it, and gave up after two posts. Lame. But then I stumbled upon some awesome blogs that liked to talk about personal finance as much or (GASP!) MORE than I do. Many of them post on more than just money as well, and all of them are GREAT reads. The great thing about reading other blogs is that they give a totally different perspective on how they see money and life, and (O.M.G.!), they sometimes disagree with me! I know, I know, when in doubt, just read my blog. But I hate reading my blog, so here are the ones I like to read:

Modest Money

Money Manifesto

Club Thrifty

Rockstar Finance

Mr. Money Mustache

Well Kept Wallet

Debt Blag

Save Outside The Box

Making Sense of Cents

Budgets Are Sexy

The College Investor

Canadian Budget Binder

Financial Samurai

Four Hour Workday

L Bee and the Money Tree

Budgeting In The Fun Stuff

Snark Finance

If you have an AWESOME blog and would like me to check it out, feel free to hit me up at iHeartBudgets :at: Gmail :dot: com.