3 Best Sites To Get The Most Cash For Your Old Cell Phones

3 Best Sites To Get The Most Cash For Your Old Cell Phones

Does anyone here have an old cell phone lying around, collecting dust and generally being an annoying hunk o’ junk?

Well I have scoured the world wide web and put together a short and sweet list of the BEST places to purge your old cell phone(s) and get a decent pile of CASH in exchange. We’re talking hundreds of dollars for these tiny pieces of USED technology that you no longer need in your life.

And yes, there are only 3 places to do this.

Cash for Cell Phones

First, Where NOT To Sell Your Cell Phone

Craigslist. Well, you can if you want, but the risk of being ripped off or worse might offset any monetary gain by using this website. Craigslist is anonymous, and small items such as personal electronics and jewelry are favorite targets of robbers. Now, large appliances and cars are fine (not as easy to steal), but don’t sell your phone here. Please.

Cell Service Carrier Trade-In. Many of the carriers will give you a “store credit” good toward the purchase of a new phone. The problem is, buying a new phone is CRAZY EXPENSIVE, and they usually try to rope you into some sort of dumb “pay $35/month for the next 4 years for this iPhone” deal, and it’s a total ripoff. Cash in hand is worth far more than any cell carrier “store credit” will ever be. For comparison’s sake, an iPhone 5s 16GB is worth about $110 in “credit.”

Any Sketchy Looking Website. If you do search around, you’ll see that there are a TON of places to sell your used phone, but a lot of them look scammy (and ARE). I ALWAYS recommend doing some research before buying or selling ANYTHING online, especially electronics. Unfortunately, there are not many sites that seem legit enough for me to send my used phone to.

Even though your phone may seem old and lame, it still carries some value. Don’t short-change yourself by selling them to the above places. Check out where exactly you can sell your phone for maximum dollar and the least hassle.

3 Places To Get BIG BUCKS For Your Oldย Cell Phones

Gazelle.com. If you’re looking for instant cash for the old phone, Gazelle is the most reputable online purchaser of used cell phones. They have a slick user interface, quick and easy to navigate to find out how much you can get for your exact phone. When check for the iPhone 5S, 16GB in “Good” condition, Gazelle offered $100.

eBay.com. eBay is an auction site that users can sell ALMOST ANYTHING on, without ever having to meet the buying party. This is wonderful in the fact that you can have a quick and painless transaction without all the haggling and awkward interactions that come with in-person meetups with strangers. Using http://www.ebay.com/sell/phone/, you can quickly find your exact phone and eBay will tell you how much that exact phone in that exact condition is selling for. You can then choose to sell it yourself, or use eBay Valet to sell it for you (for a 20% cut of the sale price). The iPhone 5s I entered stated it was “trending at $191.”

Swappa.com. Swappa.com is a “mobile marketplace” where you can buy and sell “newish” phones. You buy from individual sellers, and sell to individual buyers. This is the tool I have personally used to buy several phones, and will be using to sell several phones as well. Swappa has a strict guideline to help keep out scammers, and every device for sale is manually approved before being posted to the site. Check out the “Criteria for Sale” on my example iPhone. One of my favorite terms is that you are also required to post a “verification photo” with a listing code written on a piece of paper, further verifying the post authenticity.

For sellers, you can quickly compare the “for sale” prices on your device and price accordingly. There is an individual sales page for each listing, and potential buyers can comment, ask questions, and even send offers. But most sales are simple. You list the phone, someone buys it, you get paid via Paypal. The sellers pay NO FEES, and buyers pay a flat “sale fee” for the device (my most recent phone purchase had a $10 sale fee).

Using my iPhone 5s example again, the average listing looked to be about $250.

Donations: If you don’t want to hassle with selling, but want to give to a good cause, you can donate to Operation Gratitude to benefit our troops!

One More Reason To Sell Your Cell Phone

Now that you know you can unload your old technology for top dollar, here’s one more (very compelling) reason to get rid of that phone.

Do you remember Republic Wireless? They were the startup that took on the BIG FOUR cell phone companies, and has been gaining ground ever since.

Well, I got an email recently that they’ve re-vamped their monthly plans, and you now ONLY pay for what you use.


They will actually PAY YOU BACK for unused data on your plan.

You can check out their latest plans HERE (Hint: They start as low as $10 per month!)

But let’s check out the MATH behind selling your phone and getting a new one from Republic Wireless.

  1. Sell your old phone on Swappa.com for $250
  2. Use that $250 to buy BRAND NEW 16GB Moto G from Republic Wireless
  3. Unlimited Talk and Text Plan with 2GB of data for $40 per month
  4. When you end up only using 1GB of data (because you’re mostly on WiFi), they will CREDIT YOU BACK $15 on your next month’s bill!

In fact, these are the steps I now tell family, friends and coaching clients to take to help them get out of their costly phone plans (where they pay monthly for the phone AND the plan). Even if they have to buy out of their current contract, they come out ahead within 1 year or less!

So, there you have it. Now you know where you can offload any old phones that currently function as a paperweight, AND if youโ€™re truly a financial rockstar, you will sell off the money-sucking device in your pocket and start saving serious cash THIS MONTH!

Comments: Has anyone had luck using these services to sell your phone? How about using Craigslist without getting mugged? Would love to hear how you manage cell phones in your household! Drop a comment below, or shoot me an email using the contact page. Would love to hear from you!

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links to Republic Wireless in this post. I do get paid a small sum if you signup using my links. I appreciate any and all support from those that do. I am pretty excited about their news phone deals, and have been impressed with their support model as well. I only recommend them because they have continually saved people hundreds per year and have improved their service every year as well.


  1. This came at the perfect timing! I’m about to sell one of my old cell phones and I definitely want to get the most money ๐Ÿ™‚
    Michelle recently posted..Things You Can Rent To Make Extra MoneyMy Profile

  2. Totally wish this post had come 1 day earlier, as I just sent our old phones for cash today. And for some reason didn’t do enough research (which is not like me) to find out that the website is indeed a scamming website. Pretty devastating being played like that. So glad you are warning others so they don’t make this mistake.

    • AHhh, so sorry to hear, Jennifer. That’s the worst feeling ever, getting scammed. I’ve had it happen a few times, and there’s nothing more frustrating.

      On the bright side, it’s another lesson learned, and now you know where to point people if they are looking to sell their phones. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. We’ve had a run of good luck selling our old phones to friends of ours. Or, we’ve used them for so long that we can’t get much for it… so we end up donating. Either way, none of the hassles and headaches. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jim Wang recently posted..70 Essential Money Skills Everyone Must KnowMy Profile

    • I hate selling electronics to people I know (though i do it all the time), because then I become that person’s personal IT specialist ๐Ÿ™‚

      And yeah, anything worth under $50, I’d just donate to Operation Gratitude or another worthy cause.

  4. I have not sold any phones yet, but I have purchased a phone off of Swappa and I know two people that have done so as well. Since you can always ask the seller to provide more pictures and the phone status must be “clean” I have not had any problems purchasing a phone off of there.
    Debt Hater recently posted..Time Value Of MoneyMy Profile

  5. So many places here in Canada have free WiFi I don’t pay for data and always buy unlocked phones

    • Wifi is everywhere! That’s why Data Plans are becoming obsolete. I hear you on unlocked phones, definitely a good idea ๐Ÿ™‚

      Republic Wireless actually built their company on this premise. They do all voice calls and texting over WiFi too when you are connected.

  6. Wow nothing like republic wireless exists in canada. Our cell plans are controlled by a few big companies. Not as much competition as USA.

  7. My cell phones always die or break. I have never gotten a new one while my old one still worked. And yes, I do have a cell phone graveyard in one of my desk drawers.
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted..Best Cyber Monday DealsMy Profile

  8. I have many old smartphones lying around and I never think of to sell them anywhere as all of them suggested me to keep it with myself and they are not worth anything to sell. Thanks for such helpful post!
    Adeel recently posted..Amazon Fire HD 8 vs Fire HD 6 and Fire HD 7 ComparisonMy Profile

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