Cruise Family PhotoiHeartBudgets is a place where you can find fun, helpful advice on handling your money and tips on keeping more of it!

This blog started as a result of getting engaged to my now beautiful wife of almost 4 years. I realized at that point that I had no idea how to manage my money and I needed some sort of plan better than, “Have I overdrawn my account yet?” A month before marriage, my brother-in-law dropped a Dave Ramsey CD in my lap and said “give this guy a listen.” I thought it was a crock, but I reluctantly took the CD’s with me and popped them in my car CD player during the commute. That’s when it started.

I got on a budget, got married, paid down debt making only $14 an hour, moved, got promoted, saved for a house, had a kid, and my wife became a stay-at-home mother at the age of 24 (I was 26). I can honestly say we would not have had any measure of financial success without getting on a monthly budget! That why I started this blog. I love to help others see their financial situation in a whole new light and help guide them toward financial freedom in their own lives.

So feel free to subscribe to my blog using the form over there on the right. Drop me a line anytime with any question. I’m excited to get some good conversations started and to help in any way possible.

Welcome to iHeartBudgets.