I’m Giving Away A Moto X Cell Phone Courtesy Of Republic Wireless

I’m Giving Away A Moto X Cell Phone Courtesy Of Republic Wireless

Ok, here’s the deal. The good folks at Republic Wireless (and I don’t use the term ‘good folks’ lightly about companies, because I’m always skeptical about people that want to take my money, but RW continues to impress) sent me a gift. I received a Moto X phone to demo, test out, kick the tires on a (hopefully) enjoy. And as I opened the package that landed on my doorstep a little while back….there were two boxes.


I pulled them out, and in front of me sat two, identical, brand new Moto X cell phones. One for me. One for you.

Yup, they stand behind their product. And for a company that charges only $25 for unlimited EVERYTHING, they must really want people to know that they also have the latest and greatest technology by giving away a $300 phone!

So, please, enter below for your chance at winning a brand-new cell phone from Republic Wireless and get started saving $50+ per month over comparable plans.

Initial Thoughts On The Moto X

So, I have only been playing with this phone for a bit over a week. I have a full in-depth review in the works, but wanted to give you my top-of-mind initial thoughts on the Moto X phone:

  • Super light, easy to hold
  • Great looking screen
  • Sleek touch action
  • Crappy camera
  • Intuitive setup for phone and apps
  • Google owns my life (which is good, because this phone runs Android and uses your google account for EVERYTHING)
  • Super clear handset and speakerphone action
  • Crystal clear WiFi calls (unlike their first phone [Defy XT])
  • Seamless handoff between WiFi and cellular
  • Great cellular coverage in Seattle area
  • Just a ridiculously cool company (great support and forums on their site as well)

I’m still getting used to Android (had a Windows Phone 8 before, which I liked), but the APPS are friggin SO MUCH BETTER! Esp. using the Mint app.

Anyways, please enter the free phone giveaway below. And don’t worry, if you don’t win the phone, you can still win at budgeting by heading over to the Republic Wireless site and saving some cash money on your cell phone plan. Remember, Unlimited everything (3G data) for only $25 a month! For individual phone plans, you can’t beat it!

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  1. I love my Moto X!
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted..What to Do if You Are Morally Opposed to Tipping ServersMy Profile

  2. Shannon D. says:

    Jacob, Thank you for the give away! I just found your website recently through MMM and am having a lot of fun reading your past posts. Already you have helped me a lot!

  3. My wife and I love your site! We’re currently working diligently to reduce costs, live frugally and better budget our money. We’ve been researching the republic wireless for over 90 days and people seem to love it. I have a fulltime job and I”m a pastor. We’re without cellphones in an attempt to make a better decision about our wireless plan. Sprint at $210 a month is just ridiculous. Looking forward to seeing who wins the phone and hopefully they will write a review. If we win the phone I”ll let you know what our experience is with the phone! Like many of you we’re headed down the debt free path. Keep the path and keep your focus and you will arrive!

  4. I have to agree with you on Republic Wireless, and I don’t trust most companies that want to take money just like you! I love what Republic Wireless is doing (also a shout out to Ting who offer great service as well), and I’ve overall been very happy with my Moto X. For anyone that doesn’t need the latest or greatest phone or the best coverage, it’s great value.
    Debt Hater recently posted..July 2014 Budget ReviewMy Profile

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