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The SMART Budget Course is designed to get you from “where is my money going?”,
to “I am the master of my money!” in a few short lessons.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to create a financial roadmap to get them from where they are, to where they want to be!
You must be willing to PUT IN THE WORK.
Are you willing to put in a few hours of work to build a Financial Foundation to last a life time?

Hi! I’m Jake!

I’m a husband, father, and creator of the SMART Budget Course.

Over the past decade, I have poured over thousands of articles and read dozens of financial books to learn HOW to manage money and build wealth.

At the very core, all wealth starts with a Dream and a Plan.

So I set out to build a simple, FREE course to help marry YOUR DREAMS with a PLAN to achieve them.

I hope you enjoy the SMART Budget Course, and can map your own journey to Financial Freedom!

Jacob Wade


Debt Snowball Worksheet

Free Downloadable CHEAT SHEETS Included!

Each Lesson in the course includes downloadable worksheets to help you TAKE ACTION and start telling your money WHERE to go.
And there are a few BONUS CHEAT SHEETS to help turbo-charge your savings and destroy your debt FASTER!

Budget Template Included (with Video instructions)

I’ve included the same budget template we have used for years, as well as a video screenshare of how to set it up and use it week to week.

What Are You Waiting For?

Join the SMART Budget Course and start building the financial life you’ve always wanted.