ZZZ Sleep Products Memory Foam Mattress Review (And Coupons!)

ZZZ Sleep Products Memory Foam Mattress Review (And Coupons!)

This is a product review of one of ZZZ Sleep Product’s gel memory foam mattresses. They were kind enough to send me a mattress to try out, and I gave it a full 30 days to really put it to the test, and wanted to share my experiences with you.

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Memory Foam Mattress for less than $500-

Sleep. Where have you gone?

Since I was a kid I have been able to plunk down on any surface and conk out cold within minutes like I was listening to a Justin Bieber album. This mysterious skill has followed me into marriage, and even into parenthood. And while I can hit the sleep button and disappear into dreamland in seconds, it doesn’t mean that I am getting good sleep.

Now that we have a toddler and an 11-month old baby, sleep is a rare luxury, and I wanted to ensure I was getting the best sleep possible those few winks I get per night. So when I came across an opportunity to try out a memory foam mattress, I was excited.

A Little Bit About The Company

As a skeptical consumer, the first thing I did when I heard about this company was hop online and search “zzz sleep products reviews”. Most of the reviews I found were for some kinda cough syrup sleep aid thingy, but I found one or two great reviews on these mattresses. Since there was not much info from consumers themselves, I dove into their site, www.zzzsleepproducts.com, and decided to do some digging around.

I found that they are a distributor of mattresses, specifically memory foam mattresses. The mattresses are created by a national supplier, and are made of “organic, sustainable fibers and innovative naturally derived foams.” That sounded awesome, but what does that mean. Are these things just chemical wastelands?

Here’s a snippet straight from their site:

  • We do not use fillers to artificially increase density of our foam.

  • We’ve eliminated formaldehyde and other harmful VOC’s from the manufacturing process.

  • We have removed solvent based adhesives.

BOOM! That sounds good to me. And honestly, when mentioning trying out a memory foam mattress, the first thing out of my wife’s mouth was “ugh, toxins.” Luckily, this mattress put those worries to rest (GET IT? Hahaha, I crack me up!)

The Warranty

There are 3 important things to know when buying a mattress are 1) “Will it help you sleep better?”, 2) “Is it a good price?”, and 3) “what is the warranty?” ZZZ Sleep Products are very clear about their warranty on their About Page. They offer a 10 year, non pro-rated warranty. This means that at ANY TIME within the 10 years, if there are any manufacturing defects found, you will get a replacement mattress. Period.

That is reassuring, especially for a big purchase like a product you’re going to spend 1/3 of your life on!

But to add to that, ZZZ Sleep Products also offers a 120-day satisfaction guarantee, which means that if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, you can send the mattress back. The way it works is that they want you to give it a shot for 60 days. And if after 60 days you still don’t want it, you can send it back between the 60-day and 120-day mark. I really like this business model, because adjusting to a new mattress will take some time, and giving it a few months to really see if you are getting better rest is the best way to evaluate the product.

The Mattress

Sure, sure, the product is great, the company is great, and the warranty is great. Cool. But since I had only read about the product on paper, I didn’t really know if it was any good.

Only one way to find out.

Compressed Memory Foam Mattress

The mattress was shipped out, and arrived in 3 business days. The mattress arrived in a box MUCH TOO SMALL for a queen size, so I was intrigued. I opened it up to find that it had been vacuum sealed and rolled up like one of those delicious pumpkin cake logs….MMmmmmm
Oh, right, the mattress. Stitched on the cover of the mattress it said “Organic Cotton”, which again, was very reassuring. We opened it up and rolled it out. It was about 4 inches thick, which was funny, because once fully inflated, it was going to be 12 inches thick!

Memory Foam mattress In Plastic

We laid it out for the night, and it was fully thick the next morning. WOOP!

I laid on it and was pretty impressed. It was soft and hugged my body, but actually had some support and felt like it could hold my body well. Now, I’m no sleep scientist (is there even such a thing), but lying on the mattress felt awesome, and I was excited to give it a shot.

Note: If you watch the video on the site, we did everything wrong. We should have brought the box upstairs and opened the mattress on our bed. Oops. Good thing I’m ridiculously buff…(sarcasm)….

The First Week

We pulled out the old mattress and put in the new one. We wrapped the covers on and we were set. I even got a new pillow (memory foam) to try out with the new bed.

New Bed Pic

Fit right onto our current bed frame!

After the first night, my wife woke up and was super happy with the mattress. Of course we had the usual wake-ups with the kiddos, but she felt that she slept well on the memory foam.

I had a neck ache, but that was it.

After a few days, I kept getting neck aches, and realized my new pillow was garbage and ended up returning it (like 2 weeks later). I slept much better afterward, though I did have an ache or two, I’m pretty sure that was mostly due to the fact that my kid comes into the bed at 2am and sticks his feet on my head….

The Second Week

I started looking forward to plopping down into bed at night. Not that I ever hated going to bed, but I found myself actually looking forward to it. The mattress forms around my body and I’m pretty much instantly comfortable. My wife was still happy, and the aches went away.

Though we still woke up every now and then with a knee in our neck or foot in our mouth….


After the second week, we took off on our 10-day vacation in Maui that we paid for with points! More on that in another post 🙂

The Third Week

We ended up switching sides on the bed (due to baby sleeping issues) and put on a bed rail so our baby girl wouldn’t roll onto the floor. We found that the edges of the bed were a bit softer than the edges of our spring-bed,  so we needed to sleep a bit closer in and put our daughter on the outside instead of the middle (hence the bed rail). Honestly, I still end up sleeping on the very edge of the bed, and I haven’t noticed any sleeping issues at all 🙂

The Fourth Week

This past week has been the best sleep I’ve gotten in a long time. I only get about 6-7 hours of sleep, but am waking up refreshed and with energy that I didn’t have before. Now, I’m not saying this mattress fixed my entire body, but I do know that I haven’t woken up with energy in a while, and the only variable that changed is our mattress.

Final Thoughts

I’m really diggin’ this mattress, as I have only owned a spring mattress in the past. I like the fact that they are soft, but supportive, and they don’t bounce around when other people are moving around on the bed. My only gripe would be the soft edges of the bed, but that factor will probably go away once our baby gets a bit older and is no longer on the bed.

After checking out competitive memory foam mattresses at the department stores, and jumping lying on a few of them, I still really like mine. I like that it’s from a distributor and the cost isn’t marked up to compensate for store fronts and paying commissions to employees. I like that the delivery was quick and simple. And I like the warranty/guarantee most of all.

But there is one final piece of information needed to ensure this mattress is actually a good value.

The Price

Memory foam is apparently the new hotness. They are everywhere, and all mattress stores are now touting them as their “top of the line mattresses”, and for good reason! Wikipedia tells us “Memory foam reacts to body heat and weight by ‘molding’ to the sleeper’s body, helping relieve pressure points.” This, along with the fact that you don’t feel your partner’s movements during the night, can result in a much better night’s sleep!

So many of these companies are putting $2,000+ price tags on these things, some as much as $7,000+. Which is ok I guess, I mean, you do spend 8 hours a day on this thing, and it should last AT LEAST 10 years. But honestly, that’s a crap ton of money to spend on a bed, in my opinion.

So when I hopped over to ZZZ Sleep Product’s mattresses page, I was kinda shocked to see the prices.

$549.00 for a Queen Sized Gel-Memory Foam Mattress. (this is the mattress we are currently sleeping on)

That’s it. No need to finance your bed. No need to sell your right arm.

Honestly, you can’t beat that. With the quality, the warranty and the price, I don’t see a reason to go out to a mattress store and haggle with them on an overpriced mattress.

But Wait, I Have Coupons!

I am genuinely shocked at how cheap these sweet mattresses are, and from first-hand experience can tell you that I enjoy sleeping on this thing. And I am super excited to hopefully help get people out of the “Oh, I need a new mattress so I’m going to drop by the mall and waste thousands of dollars that I could put elsewhere and still get awesome sleep.”

And the kind folks at ZZZ Sleep Products emailed a coupon code specific to the readers of iHeartBudgets to use if they want to grab a sweet discount. Currently, there are anywhere from Twin XL to Cal King mattresses on “closeout”, which means they are being replaced with the newer models. If you purchase a Closeout Model, you can get a SWEET DISCOUNT:

  • Use the code Jacob70 – This will give you $70 off your closeout model mattress! What a deal!

Quick notes on the codes:
– They can’t be used together or with any other coupon
– They are good per mattress, meaning if you buy two with code Jacob70, it will be up to $140 off  (AWESOME!)
– They can only be used on closeouts (which are marked on the site)

Ok, so now it’s your turn. If you need a mattress, then take advantage of this awesome company, these sweet mattresses, and the HUGE savings. You can grab yourself a 12″ Queen Gel-Memory Foam mattress for less than $500, which is pretty baller if I do say so myself!

Head over to http://zzzsleepproducts.com/mattresses/, grab the CLOSEOUT mattress you like, and use my coupon code. Sleep accomplished 🙂

Disclosure: The coupon codes not only save you a decent chunk of change, but I do receive a commission for mattresses purchased. If you think these are as sweet a deal as I do and use the code, as always, thank you so much for your support. And definitely let me know how you like the mattress!


  1. My husband and I got our first memory foam mattress a year ago and love it! We didn’t go for anything super fancy and bought one for $230 with free shipping off Amazon. Like you, we noticed right away that we were sleeping better. For us, the reason is because the mattress has no springs. We hadn’t realized it, but before, every time one of us turned over or got up to the bathroom, the bed would bounce and move and our deep sleep would get disturbed (even if we didn’t fully wake up). On the memory foam, I hardly feel any movement when my husband turns or even gets out of bed, and we wake up much more rested. I don’t think we can go back to a spring bed ever again! Thanks for your great review (maybe we’ll upgrade sometime). 🙂
    Deb @ Saving the Crumbs recently posted..How to Tell if Something is Truly CheapMy Profile

  2. And they have live chat if you have any questions.

  3. It’s another learning method about this ZZZ Sleep Products Memory Foam Mattress. This is very helpful and useful for everyone. It’s very comfortable and the price is so cheap compared to other mattress. Thanks for sharing the article. Great post!
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  4. This reminds me the importance of having a comfortable rest after some hard work . Thank you.
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  5. Douglas Brown says:

    Memory foam is something that we have wanted to invest in for some time now, and we might be able to do so this Christmas. Some of the prices we have seen are ridiculous, but around 549, like what you have listed here for a queen, seem like a good deal. Thanks for listing more information about foam mattresses, as well as their prices.

  6. Laura @ justsleep says:

    Thank you for your suggestion about mattress. Hope you and your family enjoy it!
    Laura @ justsleep recently posted..Wool Mattress Topper – Smoothen Your Sleep!My Profile

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